About us by Raw Baking

The Raw Baking Company is a family run bakery dedicated to serve delicious high quality hand-made treats to all. With over 20 years of baking experience, a dedicated team and a specialised factory unit solely for the use of Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Vegan Friendly products, our aim is to provide healthy treat alternatives to those who are intolerant to certain ingredients or are simply on a path to change their lifestyle.

Raw Baking was set up as a result of a member of the family within the business suffering from intolerances in food resulting in further health complications. This event opened the eyes of the entire family who had never experienced this kind of health scare. After a significant amount of research and a genuine concern for the well-being of this individual, the family’s lifestyle all changed at home and at work where they substituted certain ingredients for other natural alternatives such as turmeric which is a natural anti-inflammatory and flax seeds to name a few. It was decided that the family wanted to raise more awareness about intolerances and the effects of unhealthy ingredients on an individual’s health especially when it concerns treats, which led to the birth of Raw Baking. The Vegan category was created as a result of family members and relatives who follow a strict Vegan lifestyle who struggled to find Vegan desserts that they could trust and eat on a regular basis, which the family thought was just as important to include within the category range.

From personal experiences and those of others, it was suggested that there is a stigma attached to free-from or vegan products due to previous bad experiences with the taste or texture of the products. With this in mind, our dedicated team have created great tasting, high quality indulgent treats as we believe that everyone should experience luscious treats whatever their diet entails.

Since setting up the business, the brand has been very successful within the UK and has established its brands within key European markets, and has begun campaigns in North and South America and Asia.

We love our jobs and we love our customers. All of our products are hand-made and hand-decorated with love so why not order your first box today!